Product and services

EKC Europe GmbH markets a wide range of high-pressure vessel for applications in the fields
of compressed natural gases, industry, medicine, beverages and fire fighting and breathing air tank equipment. Everest Kanto has the widest range of products in the industry. Based on customer demand, cylinders can be equipped with accessories made in either India or Europe, including valves, safe guards, dip tubes, caps, labels and more.

Our business portfolio includes cylinders with volumes from 1 to 3000 litres, operating pressures of up to 400 bar and diameters from 76 up to 610 mm. In addition to forged steel cylinders, EKC Europe GmbH also markets Type II composite fibre-glass cylinders with steel liners manufactured by the plant in Tianjin, China and Type IV composite cylinders with plastic liners manufactured by the plant in McKeesport, the USA.


EKC has sold well over 8 million high-pressure cylinders worldwide and has existing manufacturing capacity approaching 2 million cylinders and vessels per year.


Our markets: includes aerospace, military, chemical processing, construction, food and beverage production, industrial controls, medicine, nuclear power propulsion systems, oil and gas exploration and production, rescue equipment, transportation, undersea exploration and NGVs.