About EKC

Everest Kanto Cylinders has modern manufacturing plants in three locations in India (Tarapur, Gandhidham, Kandla), two in Dubai, UAE, one in Tianjin, China and another in McKeesport, USA.


This includes tube, billet, plate and jumbo cylinder and cascade manufacturing lines in
India; two tube cylinder manufacturing lines in UAE; tube cylinder, Type II composite cylinder and jumbo vessel and trailer production in China as well as Composite Type IV CNG cylinder, jumbo vessel and skid production in the USA.


In addition, Everest Kanto Cylinders owns sales and research and development companies and branch offices in Germany, Thailand, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, where we employ managers with backgrounds in high-pressure cylinders or gas-related industries.


India:    www.everestkanto.com

USA:     www.cp-industries.com

Dubai:   www.Ekcuae.com

China:   www.ekc-cpi.com.cn

Europe: www.ekc-eu.com

EKC Europe GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Everest Kanto Cylinders Ltd. , a private international high-pressure vessels manufacturer headquartered in Mumbai, India.

Manufacturing high-pressure cylinders ranging in capacities from 1 to 3000 litres and in diameters from 76 to 610 mm, 7 globally distributed modern manufacturing plants in India, the UAE, China, and the USA, and its devotion to quality and flexibility, EKC Europe GmbH offers a variety of products on the European and allied markets for applications in the fields of compressed natural gases, industry, medicine, beverages, fire fighting and breathing air equipment.

Since its establishment in 1978 till today, Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. has expanded its technology and product range from forged steel cylinders to Type II and Type IV composite cylinders, becoming a one-stop-shop for natural gas vehicles producers, car retrofitters, industrial gases suppliers and distributors, fire fighting original equipment manufacturers and other industry players.