The high quality of Everest Kanto products is not coincidental. It represents the continuous efforts of our Research & Development and Quality Assurance personnel.

All Everest Kanto Cylinders’ plants have elaborate procedures for traceability of the raw materials supplied from the beginning until the end of the manufacturing process. Our QMS procedures have been defined this way.


Hardness test of a jumbo vessel

For key processes like heat treatment and quenching, hardness testing, ultrasonic testing, hydrostatic testing, and pre-dispatch inspection (where operators are required to be fully involved), process and inspection records can be traced to individual operators and inspectors by the serial number of each cylinder. EKC cylinders undergo stringent cyclic pressure testing to evaluate their fatigue strength, usage life, safety and reliability for usage under rough, tough and extreme environmental conditions. The hard copies of the manufacturing and testing records for the products produced are maintained by all Everest Kanto plants.