Everest Kanto technology relies on the Japanese manufacturing traditions from the Kanto Koatsu Yoki Manufacturing Company, which facilitated the establishment of EKC’s first cylinder manufacturing plant in 1978.


From its beginning in tube cylinder technology, Everest Kanto Cylinders can offer much more today.


Under the leadership of a corporate director with an academic background from the National Institutes of Technology (India) (globally acclaimed for its standard of education in engineering), our company has established green field plants for manufacturing billet (2005) and plate (2008) cylinders and launched development programs for Type II composite cylinders (2008). Billet and plate technologies are unique and being employed for the first time in India.

The Type IV lightweight composite cylinder production line is one of our recent developments, which is being implemented at the EKC-CPI facility in the USA.

With the exception of the standard epoxy-based paint options, one of EKC’s plants in India also has the ability to paint cylinders using powder-based paints. This technology is becoming more and more popular in the cylinder industry.


The engineering personnel at EKC have been educated in China, Denmark, Germany, India, UK and the USA.