Incorporated in 1978, Everest Kanto has rapidly developed into the internationally active high-pressure cylinder manufacturer we are today. However, the EKC learning curve has been much steeper and faster than that of its European or North American competitors. 

The founder of the company, Mr. Prem Khurana, was originally involved in the distribution and trade of high-pressure steel cylinders in India. After negotiating a partnership with a Japanese cylinder manufacturer, the first cylinder manufacturing plant intended for small cylinders began operations in Aurangabad, India in 1981. The second EKC plant in Tarapur was intended to begin production of small- and medium-sized cylinders in 1985. 

Delivery of initial exports to Gulf countries started in 1986. To secure stronger positions in the fast growing CNG market, the company continued to expand its development into cylinders intended for natural gas vehicles and storage. In 2003, we established a plant in Dubai, oriented on the CNG markets in Iran and Pakistan. In 2007, EKC Dubai doubled their production capacity. 

In 2008, EKC Industries Tianjin, China was set up and the CPI Industries plant in the USA was acquired. Whereas the USA plant is intended for jumbo containers and Type IV composite cylinders, the Chinese plant specialises in all industrial, CNG and jumbo vessel made out of steel as well as Type II glass-fibre composite cylinders.


The plate cylinder plant in Kandla Special Economic Zone, intended to serve the needs of CNG OEM customers and retrofitters, began operations in 2011. Establishment of Commercial Companies followed later: Thailand in 2011, and Brazil, Colombia, and Germany in 2012.


Further developments are on the way.