EKC Management

As of March 2012, the EKC group of companies has employed approximately 1500 employees. They are comprised of highly qualified professionals from such fields as engineering, finance and management.


Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. has a stable core management team, who has worked with the company as it has grown over the decades. The key leadership team includes:

Mr. P. K. Khurana – founder of Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd.

• Mr. P.K. Khurana – Founder, Executive Director

• Mr. Pushkar Khurana – Non-executive Director

• Mr. Puneet Khuraha – Executive Director

• Mr. P.M. Samvatsar – Director

• Mr. C.P. Batra – Commercial Director

• Mr. G.P. Virdi – President

• Mr. A.G. Khamkar – Vice President

• Mr. Vipin Chandok – Chief Financial Officer

• Mr. H.D. Khatri – Senior Manager, Engineering Services