The EKC Group is a forerunner in the development of new products related to the packaged gas business. Everest Kanto Cylinder Ltd. is now considered the biggest manufacturer of high-pressure gas cylinders, which originate in Asia and which has plants overseas. Our core skills lie in committing to compliance with product quality standards, working closely with customers and meeting customers’ requirements flexibly.

Following the customer requirements, Everest Kanto Cylinders is able to offer its products in compliance with:

  • ECER110
  • ISO 11439
  • ISO 9809
  • NZS 5454
  • EN 1964-1
  • EN 1964-2
  • IS 15490
  • ISO 4705
  • ISO 11120
  • GB 172258
  • DOT 3AA
  • ASME
  • FMVSS304/NGV2
  • PED
  • TPED
  • and other regulations when required.