Industrial Gas Cylinders

EKC's high-pressure gas cylinders (for oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, xenon, helium, CO2, air, high purity gases and gas mixtures, as well as others) are designed to withstand operating pressures up to 400 bar. Cylinder capacities range between 1 litre and 280 litres. Special sizes are available upon request.


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Industrial Gas Cylinders
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Industrial gases are used in many industries including: oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemical industry, power, mining, steelmaking, metals, environmental protection, construction, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, fertilizers, nuclear power, electronics and aerospace.


Cylinders for industrial gases can be supplied according to: EN 1964-1, EN 1964-2, ISO 4705, IS7285, DOT 3AA, BS 5045, ISO 9809-1 or ISO 9809-2, PED and TPED requirements.


Cylinders are made with concave and convex bottom out of tube and billet material. The industrial gas product portfolio also includes skids, trailers and cylinder cascades.


Our cylinders have precise tolerances and excellent geometry. Their standing circle exceeds the requirements defined by standards.