CNG Steel Cylinders

EKC actively targets CNG OEM, aftermarket and retrofitters and CNG infrastructure customers.

Everest Kanto plants can manufacture cylinders intended for almost any kind of natural gas vehicle (NGV) including: passanger cars, vans, buses and light- and heavy-duty vehicles. Through our plants in the Kandla Free Economic Zone in India and Dubai, UAE, EKC Europe GmbH markets lightweight steel cylinders made out of tube and plate steel with diameters of up to 406 mm.


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CNG Cylinders
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To increase CNG storage capacity, steel cylinders can be designed with convex-flat bottom.


To strengthen its marketing positions in the NGV segment, the company has expanded its product range to include Type II and Type IV composite cylinders.


With the exception of standard single-neck CNG storage cylinders, EKC also has the ability to provide double-neck storage cylinders. The CNG product line also includes: skids, trailers and cylinder cascades.


CNG cylinders can be manufactured in accordance with: ECER110, ISO 11439, NZS 5454, IS15490, ISO 4705 D, Gb 17258 or any other set of international standards.